Berg Throw

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Product: Berg Throw

Believing that color exerts a powerful influence on how we perceive the world around us, designers Anderssen and Voll celebrate their love of rich hues with the Berg Throw (2010). This heavyweight throw is made with lambswool by Rí¸ros Tweed, a leading producer of fine Norwegian products since 1939. The company is named for Rí¸ros, a copper mining town that was transformed in 1789 when mine director Peder Hirot bequeathed his fortune to a foundation for the poor. The townspeople were taught how to spin, weave and sew warm clothing to survive the cold winters, and in the process, the region became known for its rich tradition of handicraft and textile production. Rí¸ros Tweed also owes its success to the quality of its raw materials – free-roaming Rí¸ros sheep are truly pampered, grazing contentedly in fresh mountain pastures. Because the sheep are untroubled by insects in this cool climate, there is no need to use harsh chemicals to clean the wool. Rí¸ros Tweed’s clients include the Japanese Emperor, Christian Dior and the White House. Small wonder, then, that the Berg Throw received the Norwegian Design Council Award for Design Excellence.

  • Made in Norway.
  • Materials : 100% Norwegian lambswool.
  • Measurements :L 79″ W 53″