Bento Chair

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Product: Bento Chair
Retailer: A R
Color: Black, White
Designer: Petrus Palmér

Perception is putty in the inventive hands of Swedish group Form Us With Love. Like the Work Lamp and other products by the group, the Bento reflects their collective wink at expectations and at tradition. Bento designer Petrus Palmér took the Danish legacy of bending wood and exaggerated its effect by way of the bold planks. The playful functionality also resonates with One Nordic, the new design house that realized Petrus’ chair and contacted A+R to launch the brand stateside. After a leisurely lunch seated in these chairs during the 2012 Salone in Milan, we thought they were too cool and comfy not to share. What’s more, all Bento products are shipped in semi-flat boxes in order to ease international transportation and storage space. Easily assembled in four simple steps.

  • Size: 29.1″h x 21.4″ w x 19.6″ dia
  • Material: Lacquered ash