Benjamin Edmonds’s Blok Knives

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Product: Benjamin Edmonds’s Blok Knives
Designer: Benjamin Edmonds
Retailer: Blok Knives
brand: Blok Knives

There are three knives in the Blok range.

  • 8″³ Chef Knife : The Chef is designed as a multi purpose kitchen knife; a balanced piece that offers delicate accuracy and rugged stability. It features an 8″³ carbon blade with 5″³ wooden handle. The wood will vary depending on stock.
  • 4″³ Paring Knife : This knife features a 4″³ blade and handle. It’s great for peeling, coring and general ‘off board’ food preparation. Again, the wood will vary depending on stock.
  • 10″³ Woollen Edition : This is a 10″³ Special edition kitchen knife. Available soon.