Bed Skirt Loose Fit Urban

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Product: Bed Skirt Loose Fit Urban
Retailer: Bemz
brand: Bemz
Color: White

Absolute White
Rosendal Pure Washed Linen
Bed Skirt Loose Fit Urban Queen size height 50cm (20″)

Loose Fit – Urban: a new style of cover for those who like simple elegance and innovative design. The covers are sewn in an exclusive linen fabric with a slightly looser fit and less detail than our usual covers. Visible seams and fine weave of the fabric gives the cover a sculptural form that changes the IKEA furniture and gives it a new modern expression. All pieces are hand cut and sewn with precision. This model fits a Queen size mattress with the following dimensions: 152cmx202cm (59″x80″)

Fabric : An exclusive linen fabric from Belgium, pre-washed to obtain its soft and elegant texture.