Barbotine Olive Oil Bottles

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Product: Barbotine Olive Oil Bottles
Retailer: Quel Objet

Our potter in Provence reminds us that olive oil must be sheltered from light; clear glass bottles really will not do. He offers here three different sizes and styles of “huiliers“, olive storage bottles. The small teardrop shaped bottle, or “goutte”  (5″ tall), is considered elegant enought to dress a salad at the table.  The tall conical bottle (7″) works equally well for either the table or the kitchen. And while he suggests the large bottle (9″) for use in cooking, he tells us of other, earlier uses for this bottle: Once upon a time these bottles were filled with boiling water, securely corked, then used as hot water bottles in the bed!

We often buy flavored olive oils here, but it is the simplest thing in the world to drop a few peppers, herbs, spices, or even fruits into the bottle of oil to create your own flavored oil.

The bouchon-verseur (stopper-pourer) allows you to pour just the small amounts needed.