Backyard X-Scapes Rolled Bamboo Fencing

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Product: Backyard X-Scapes Rolled Bamboo Fencing
Retailer: Home Depot

Our bamboo fencing is made of durable Tonkin cane from southeast China. Bamboo stock has the equivalent strength of many alloys of steel. Connected with hidden heavy gauge galvanized steel-coated wires, our bamboo fence panels are pre-assembled and ready for quick and simple installation in your home and outdoor garden. Beautiful outdoor structural fences are easily set up by connecting them together. Please see our installation instructions. Bamboo is the fastest growing woody plant in the world with over 1,000 different species. Many types of bamboo have existed from prehistoric times. Bamboo is actually an evergreen plant in the true grass family, Poaceae. The growth rate of bamboo today has been documented as fast as 40 in an hour, but can only sustain this rate of growth for short periods of time.

  • In prehistoric times, bamboo could grow more than 16 feet in a day and could reach heights of more than 250 feet. Bamboo has a unique rhizome system which allows this type of growth.
  • Bamboo thrives in tropical regions of the world, and is environmentally friendly as it needs little or no fertilization.
  • Unlike hardwoods which can take 15-20 years to mature, bamboo matures in 3-4 years.
  • Bamboo is the best replacement for hardwood and is GREAT for the environment!