Bacco Barstool

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Product: Bacco Barstool
Designer: Omar De Biaggio

Bacco Barstool in Leather

Designed by Omar De Biaggio

Omar De Biaggio got his start by cold-calling furniture stores and wholesale dealers he found listed in Elle Décor magazine. A handful agreed to see his prototypes, so he jumped in his car and drove to meeting after meeting. After his career-changing road trip, De Biaggio returned home with commissions for 300 chairs. “When you show something to passion-driven people who understand why you designed it, and it finds a place in their hearts, then your product will be successful,” says the designer. Omar De Biaggio named his Bacco Stool (2014) after Bacchus (Bacco in Italian), the Roman god of wine, because it’s a source of relaxation, a way to enjoy a well-deserved rest after a hard day’s work. “This is a multipurpose, modern and elegant chair,” says the designer, “with soft lines and, above all, a cozy shape, thanks to 3-D molding technology.” The result is a curved shell that looks delicate but withstands frequent use. Bacco is padded with crushproof rubber foam and upholstered with fine leather that’s soft to the touch. Made in Italy.

  • DWR Exclusive 
  • Materials : Solid walnut or oak legs; 3-D molded plywood and steel frame; polyurethane foam padding; leather upholstery.
  • Measurements : H 40″ W 20″ D 19″ Seat H 30.5″