Architec Gripperwood Concave Cutting Board

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Product: Architec Gripperwood Concave Cutting Board
Retailer: Amazon
brand: Architec
Color: Brown

The Gripper Wood Concave Cutting Board keeps meat resting in its own juices making for tastier, more-tender cuts of meat. Made of handsome beechwood, this wood cutting board is much gentler on cutlery than plastic surfaces, keeping your knives sharper, longer. The patented gripper base provides a safe, non-slip surface when slicing and carving. Architect is a completely women-run company, using elements of architecture to improve the functionality of everyday kitchen essentials. Their newest and fastest growing collection of products – EcoSmart by Architec – showcases their savvy for dreaming up materials that offer over-the-top beauty and meet the strict criteria for green manufacturing.  Architec’s reshoring goals will bring 51% of their manufacturing back to the United States before 2015!

  • Concave GripperWood Cutting Board by Architec
  • Made of beechwood, the concave surface keeps meat and juices in the center of the board
  • Meats resting in juices make for tastier meals
  • Beechwood is a gentle cutting surface for cutlery, keeping knives sharper, longer
  • Generously sized at 18 x 14 inches