Antique Lavar Kerman Rugs

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Product: Antique Lavar Kerman Rugs
Retailer: Persian Rugs

Kerman is both a city and a Province of the Islamic Republic of Iran. The city of Kerman is the largest in the province while the most importet city is Rafsanjan as it is the the home of his excellency Former President Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani. So a Kerman rug may be from the city but more likely the carpet would come from the Province. Raver or Lavar as it is called in the West has had the reputation for the finest Kerman carpets. These so called Lavar Kerman may actually be made in a number of places in Kerman but the market calls them Lavar Kerman. Evidence shows that Laver Kerman rugs were also made in Rafsanjan and that the production of certain producers such as Atiyeh are sold as Lavar Kerman.

Raver was a town 120 miles from the city of Kerman where American companies owned a large number of looms. Through the 20th century the Atiyehs were a major producer of Kerman carpets. It only stopped when due to the Islamic revolution and ensuing difficulties they shifted production to China.

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