Antique Japanese Boro Textile

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Product: Antique Japanese Boro Textile
Retailer: Nature Collect

Antique Japanese Boro Textile – Heavy stitch work / unique colours

Boro textiles were made in the early 19th century by impoverished Japanese people. They are hand sewn from recycled indigo dyed rags. This antique boro textile was purchased in Kyoto, Japan. It is most likely sourced from old futon covers, kimonos, boro fabric and other traditional Japanese textiles.

Measurements – Approximately 180cm x 34cm

An assortment of patched hand woven and hand dyed antique Japanese fabrics. The main textile piece is a sold light indigo. It has a beautiful assortment of unique coloured boro patches and heavy visible stitch work throughout.

Perfect size for a wall hanging, to wear as a scarf/shawl or to use in your boro inspired projects.