Antique Folk Art Spinning Chair

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Product: Antique Folk Art Spinning Chair
Retailer: Owl Song Vintage

HOLIDAY SALE Antique Brettstuhl. Hall Chair. Peasant Baroque. Spinning Chair. Barley Twist Legs. European

Antique Folk Art Spinning Chair or Brettstuhl Baroque peasant chair possibly used for spinning. Swiss or Austrian. Early 19th century or before. Possibly late 1700’s.
This heavy hardwood chair with its unusual spade design is the perfect rustic accent. The hand-turned baroque barley twist legs are pegged into the seat. (iPhone Users: Click “Read More” for complete Details and Shipping Info)

The chair back is attached in such a way that it could be removed. (I would not advise removing it, now, to avoid breaking the wood.) This is a Swiss peasant chair technique. The chair back has some movement, but this is not an indication of a problem. It is supposed to.

A circular cove is formed into the seat, a design used on Austrian chairs of the period.

The chair is completely handmade. There are no nails, braces or significant breaks. The wood is old and deeply fissured giving the chair a remarkable character. There is evidence that it may have been painted at one time. Some flecks of paint cling to the underside.

Amazing piece.