Another Pottery Series

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Product: Another Pottery Series
Retailer: Another Country
Designer: Ian McIntyre

Inspired by the Series One furniture collection, this set of handmade tabletop pottery employs different clay bodies with different properties for each vessel and use. The jug is slip cast and made of Terracotta which has been fired to an unconventionally high temperature that vitrifies the body of the clay giving it the strength of stoneware and achieving the scorched colour. The pinch pot is black stoneware, the bowl, cup and plate are sandy stoneware and all are made on Jigger Jolly machines. The clay shapes are pressed on these machines and then fettled, dipped in glaze, fired and polished.

The plate, bowl and cup will ship at the beginning of December.

Set (1 Pitcher, 2 Pinch Pots, 4 plates, cups and bowls)

Made in the UK