Andrianna Shamaris Pair of Petrified Wood Side Tables

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Product: Andrianna Shamaris Pair of Petrified Wood Side Tables
Retailer: The Line

“Perfection is imperfection,” says Andrianna Shamaris, who transforms ancient wood into modern organic furniture. Hand-selected and highly polished with minimal cracks, these two petrified wood pieces make striking side tables or cocktail tables. Place them side by side to form a two-part coffee table or take advantage of their durability and use as bath or shower stools.

  • Materials : Petrified wood
  • Southeast Asia

Petrified wood occurs through a process of permineralization, in which the organic materials of the wood absorb naturally occurring minerals found in soil and sediment to solidify the wood to stone. The fossilization process depends upon a variety of factors that influence the style, color, and tone of the petrified wood.