American Felling Axes

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Product: American Felling Axes
Retailer: Guideboat Co.

The American Felling Axe commenced as the first trade axe introduced to native American tribes by the French, English and Spaniards. Characterized by a stout and highly sharpened head the axe has remained popular among skilled woodsmen for its prowess in clearing and felling timber. Our felling axe is exquisite, the result of 4th generation North Carolinian’s craftsmanship and attention to detail during each step of its making. The head is of drop forged 5160 high carbon US steel heated and quenched in oil and then tempered to a Rockwell hardness in the mid 50’s. Hand sharpening follows and finished heads are polished in their natural steel state, lightly oiled to prevent rust and showcase luster. The handles are of the best Appalachian hickory, burnished with linseed oil. Each axe is supplied with a premium leather sheath. American made in North Carolina since 1866. Axe head is guaranteed for life. Head 4lbs. Handle length 35″.

Made in USA.