Ambatalia 10-in-1 Wrapping Cloth

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Product: Ambatalia 10-in-1 Wrapping Cloth
Retailer: Quitokeeto

The perfect utilitarian culinary item, I keep a number of these Ambatalia wrapping cloths on hand and find myself using them constantly. They’re unusually large, beautifully made, and the sort of reusable kitchen staple I reach for regularly as I try to phase plastics and other single-use disposables from my kitchen. The charcoal ticking stripe is classic, and each square cloth (31 x 31-inches) is made from an exceptionally sturdy organic cotton and hemp blend. -Heidi

Use your wrapping cloth as:

  • an apron.
  • a bread bag.
  • a way to transport potluck or picnic items.
  • an alternative to a disposable wine bottle bag.
  • a way to wrap a housewarming gift.
  • a way to keep your Chemex/French Press coffee warm.
  • an impromptu tablecloth for two.
  • any number of other furoshiki.
  • a way to bundle farmers’ market finds.
  • a lunch bag.

Made in California.