Aina Pair of Curtains

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Product: Aina Pair of Curtains
Retailer: Ikea
brand: Ikea
  • Linen gives the fabric a natural, irregular texture and makes it feel firm to the touch.
  • The curtains let the daylight through but reduce direct sunlight.
  • Heading with slot, hidden tabs and gathering tape. Works on curtain rods or KVARTAL curtain hanging system using hanging accessories.

  • Curtain made of linen; gives firmness and luster.
  • The curtain can easily be hemmed to the desired length with an iron-on hem strip.
  • Contains 2 panels.
  • The measurement applies to each individual curtain length.
  • Shorten to desired length without sewing using SY iron-on hemming strip.
  • Hidden tabs at the top.
  • The curtain can be hung on curtain rods and wires.