Marittimo American Clay

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Product: Marittimo American Clay
Retailer: American Clay

Marittimo (Oyster Bay) 50-lb. Bag American Clay

The strongest of our plasters, MARITTIMO draws its beauty from the Mediterranean villages of Morocco, as the crushed sea shell aggregate within gives the plaster its strength.

LOMA is always used as the base coat. Surfaces with texture will require a thicker base coat. Marittimo is applied as the second coat at 1/32 of an inch over the basecoat, for a combined thickness of up to 1/16 inch.
Our most durable plaster, Marittimo draws its inspiration from Mediterranean and Caribbean finishes. Seashell aggregate gives it a magnificent, subtle speckle that adds depth to any interior environment. Made of a variety of clays, crushed seashells and natural mineral pigments, Marittimo is easy to apply, feels polished, and is wonderful to the touch..