97 L:A Bruket Laundry Detergent

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Product: 97 L:A Bruket Laundry Detergent
brand: L:A Bruket
Retailer: Nannie Inez

Wool/Cashmere detergent with Sandalwood. A mild and gentle biodegradable detergent without bleach designed for hand or machine-washing wool and cashmere. Lanolin protects the fibres, reduces wear and extends the life of your garments. Wool/Cashmere retains the sheen and color of the wool and has a warm scent of sandalwood. Can be used without fabric softener.

For 9lbs of dry laundry: with soft to medium hard water use 1oz detergent (will give you 15 washes), with hard water use 1.5oz.

Ingredients: +30% water, 5-15% anionic surfactants, 5-15% non ionic surfactants, -5% ethanol and essential oils from Sandalwood.

VOLUME: 15.21oz

L:a Bruket is manufactured in Varberg, Sweden using natural ingredients making sure that all herbs, vegetable and essential oils blend together in a natural way preserving their natural characteristics. All soap and oils bases are developed as a balance between various vegetable and essential oils with herbs depending on the desired end result: energizing, moisturizing, softening, healing, scrubbing etc. L:A Bruket’s style is a bit rough and rustic mixed with a romantic touch and the products could be described as generous. As a result of that the products are loaded with all of the best ingredients. They smell and feel more than most and are best described as true, rustic, romantic and generous luxury.