7.1 Tente Pour Les Enfants

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Product: 7.1 Tente Pour Les Enfants

Tent For Kids

A little tent for the bedroom, playroom or living room. Perfect for reading a story, napping and hiding from monsters. When bedtime comes, many little stars will shine on the fabric to watch over the little ones. Each star is carefully painted by hand, with phosphorescent paint. Therefore each tent – and each sky – is unique.
The tent arrives in parts and is very easy to assemble. Once assembled, it can be folded and put aside, discreetly leaning against the wall. Fabric -ornamented with phosphorescent stars – is washable.
This tent for kids is made to order. Please, allow 8 weeks for fabrication.
Made of yellow birch, fabric (100% cotton) and phosphorescent acrylic paint.

  • 45″ x 38″ x 37 1/2″