Andrew Neyer’s 5-Foot Crane Light

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Product: Andrew Neyer’s 5-Foot Crane Light
Designer: Andrew Neyer
Color: Black
Retailer: Consignd

Swinging sconce pivots 180º effortlessly with a cord tension cantilevered design. The light can be set to any height by simply feeding the cable through the pivoting rod.

“Originally I set out to design a sleek modular light that could be adapted into different environments and, most of all, was affordable. I began designing ways to incorporate the cord into the design both in form and function to avoid having to hardwire a fixture. I wanted the light to have the qualities of a sconce and a pendant light while being able to pivot 180º. After many revisions I arrived at something similar to the end design. I continued to simplify the design until it could be packaged inside of a mailing tube to allow for low cost and efficient shipping. The other benefit to this design is that the light’s height can be adjusted to accommodate various settings vs. having a fixed bulb on the end of a swinging sconce.