5 Elements Soy Candle

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Product: 5 Elements Soy Candle
Retailer: Anzu New York
  • box size: 3.25″ x 3.25″ x h 3.25″
  • candle size: âˆ…3 x h 3.25″
  • material: pure soy candle in glass votive

These handmade delicately scented soy candles comes in 5 different scents for 5 distinct elements. Lightly fragranced with mild natural scents such as yuzu rind, ginger, and quince. Great to enjoy when healing, calming down or during meditation time in your room.

Each contains a Zen poem and are packed in handcrafted packaging to make a tasteful gift.

  • Tsuchi (Earth): cedar jasmine, fig
  • Mizu (Water): cucumber, watercress, mint
  • Hi (Fire): ginger, rose, quince
  • Kaze (Air) eucalyptus, yuzu rind, ginger
  • Sora (Sky): jasmine, acacia, fresh grass