4th-market Ricotta Milk Pot

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Product: 4th-market Ricotta Milk Pot
Designer: 4th-market
Retailer: baum-kuchen
Color: White

4th-market Ricotta Milk Pot

Ricotta Milk Pot is a cookware designed and produced by 4th-market in Japan. The pot is made out of heat resistant ceramic that does not expand or contract by an extreme temperature shift so it can be used on a stove.
The beautiful wooden handle compliments the white color and textures of the ceramic pot.

The Milk Pot features a spout which makes it easy to pour precisely into a cup.

Milk Pot's beautiful design is perfect for an stove-to-table presentation. The shape and quality of ceramic makes this cookware suitable as a subtle highlight on the table. It makes an everyday meal as well as a gathering with your friends/families extra special.

The proportion, size and a small handle make Ricotta Milk Pot very versatile cookware in a kitchen. It's great for warming up milk (of course) but also great for cooking/warming up other liquid such as soup.

Take a closer look at how 4th-market produces these beautiful cookwares in Japan. (a link to production process photos via 4th-market official website)

+can be used on a stove top
-not recommended for a dish washer
-not recommended for deep fry cooking

baum-kuchen is the only shop that carries items from 4th-market outside of Japan!

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Matte finish heat resistant ceramic for pot (Stove safe)
Wood handle