4th-market Poile Pan

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Product: 4th-market Poile Pan
Designer: 4th-market
Retailer: baum-kuchen
Color: White

4th-market Poile Pan

Poile Pan is an earthen ovenware designed and produced by 4th-market in Japan. It is made out of heat resistant ceramic that does not expand or contract by an extreme temperature shift so it can be used in an oven or on a stove.

Poile Pan's beautiful design is perfect for oven-to-table presentation. Its proportion, size and handle is great for making a family-style appetizers or single serving dishes. The ceramic lid seals in moisture for tender, flavorful results. Try making cobbler, macaroni & cheese or fruit crisps in this dish (yum:).

Take a closer look at how 4th-market produces these beautiful cookwares in Japan. (a link to production process photos via 4th-market official website)

+can be used in an oven, on a stove top or in a microwave
-not recommended for a dish washer
-not recommended for deep fry cooking

Purchase options:
individual pan – $42
a set of two – $76

baum-kuchen is the only shop that carries items from 4th-market outside of Japan!

Heat resistant ceramic (Oven/Stove/Microwave safe)
Matte finish