ISSUE 27  |  New Americana

Zero-Waste Wool Kitchen Accessories from the Pacific Northwest

July 06, 2015 1:00 PM

BY Julie Carlson

We discovered the work of Heidi Leugers of Reclaimed Wool via Portland, Oregon’s Alder & Co., one of our favorite shops anywhere. Her kitchen accessories made from assorted end-bolt and discontinued fabrics from a “famous Pacific Northwest mill” manage to look fresh and vintage at the same time. Perfect for cabin life.

Above: Made in Portland of reclaimed wool, the Cool Tone Potholder is $18. “Wool? In the kitchen? Yes. Wool is naturally noncombustible and naturally insulating,” Leugers says. “Scandinavians have trusted wool’s performance in the kitchen for decades.”

Above: The pot holders come with leather tabs for hanging.

Above: Each pot holder is one of a kind.

Above: A set of four Natural Wool Coasters is $29 from Alder & Co.

Above: The coasters are backed with leather.

We’re also coveting a set of Rugged Leather Pot Holders made of suede.