ISSUE 87  |  Into the Wild

World’s Most Beautiful Indoor/Outdoor Lanterns?

August 30, 2013 5:30 PM

BY Julie Carlson

A reader chided us recently for describing something as “world’s best”; but really, aren’t these the most beautiful Japanese lanterns you’ve ever seen? Plus, they’re powered by LED lights, so you can move them around (on the table for dinner, as a reading light in the bedroom, outdoors as dusk approaches). 

The lanterns are made in Japan of traditional washi paper with a wood base and a wire handle and are available from New Zealand stylist Katie Lockhart’s Everyday Needs online shop.

Above: The Michiyuki-Tou LED Drop Paper Lantern is NZD $95 and features a traditional washi paper shade and a wood base.

Above: The lanterns feature discreet on/off switches in the wooden base.

Above: The Michiyuki-Tou LED Tall Paper Lantern is NZD $95 from Everyday Needs.

Above: The lanterns are powered by a pair of AA batteries.