Wooden Dutchtub from Weltevree by

Issue 38 · The Low Countries · September 18, 2012

Wooden Dutchtub from Weltevree

Issue 38 · The Low Countries · September 18, 2012

Currently coveting: wooden outdoor Dutchtubs and steel ovens from Arnhem-based manufacturer Weltevree. We know that summer is coming to a close but could see ourselves using both during the coming winter months.

Above: The woodfired Dutchtub was designed by in-house designer Floris Schoonderbeek and holds 172 gallons of water; contact for pricing and shipping.

Above: The tub is made from glass fiber polyester, a stainless steel coil that heats up on the side, and sustainably harvested wood.

Above: The Outdoor Oven outside of Delft design studio Nu Interieur.

Above: The Outdoor Oven is made of Corten weathered steel.

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