Walls, Windows & Floors: White Cowhide Rugs by

Issue 9 · Garden Design · March 6, 2009

Walls, Windows & Floors: White Cowhide Rugs

Issue 9 · Garden Design · March 6, 2009

My minimalist friend Sarah got me thinking about the appeal of white cowhide rugs; here's a roundup of possibilities.


Photo from Light Locations. white-cowhide-rug-7.jpg

Above: The classic white cowhide rug can be sourced from a number of online venues; Williams-Sonoma Home offers the 6-by-6-foot Hide Rug for $1,350, and Design Within Reach offers the 70-by-57-inch Cowhide Rug for $748 (on sale from $880).


Above: The Canne Cowhide Rug from Horne is sourced from the highest quality hides found in Argentina, made from 4-inch cowhide squares stitched together and backed with a durable fabric. Available in two sizes: the 6-by-4-foot size is $580 and the 6-by-8-foot size is $1,160 (also available in custom sizes by special order).


Above: Pearl Blocks Rug; starts at $1,099 for the 4-by-6-foot size at Neiman Marcus.


Above: The Rug Company offers the Cowhide Flower rug in white; go to the Rug Company for pricing information.

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