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Economy + Style: 6 Trestle Desks for the New Year

January 06, 2014 8:00 PM

BY Julie Carlson

Is your New Year’s resolution to get organized? It’s ours. Maybe that’s why we’re drawn to these appealing (and well-priced) trestle desks, which are especially popular in Australia and New Zealand, for some reason. Anyone out there know of any similar makers in the US?

Above: The Trestle Desk with Shelves is NZ $330 from Company in New Zealand, founded by a devoted husband whose wife was in search of a “Scandinavian blond” desk.

Above: Spanish-born, London-based Tomas Alonso has come up with a stylish folding table made from beech, laminated plywood, and sailing rope; contact him directly for pricing information.

Above: The plywood Tressel Table from the Tressel Table Co. (spelling intentional!) is handmade in Melbourne by Patrick O’Brien; AU $499 (also available in several color washes, from pale pink to pale gray).

Above: The Trestle Union Table is NZ $180 for the plywood top (a glass top is NZ $250) and NZ $85 for the legs.

Above: The A-Joint Mini Raw Pine Trestle Table by Henry Wilson comes in a self-assemble kit for AUD $950.


Above: Melbourne-based Etsy seller Seven Hands High offers Handmade Trestle Tables for USD $375.

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