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Walls, Windows & Floors: Timorous Beasties in Glasgow

December 01, 2009 4:30 PM

BY Sarah Lonsdale

Scottish design duo Timorous Beasties, which takes its name from the Robert Burns' poem "To a Mouse," was among the first to put a subversive spin on French Toile de Jouy, replacing traditional pastoral scenes with modern-day, slightly menacing imagery (as in their Devil Damask flock wallpaper). They produce fabrics, rugs, wallpapers, lampshades, and window shades, and have showrooms in London and Glasgow. To locate a dealer, go to Timorous Beasties.

Above R: Hand-printed London Toile cushion. Above R: Iguana cushion.

Above: Thistle rug in black and cream.

Above: Toile London wallpaper, available through Walnut Wallpaper.