ISSUE 28  |  Lighting & Linens

Walls, Windows & Floors: Arrigoni Woods

July 14, 2010 6:00 PM

BY Sarah Lonsdale

Based in Vail, Colorado, Arrigoni Woods specializes in wide-plank European wood flooring, both recycled and engineered. Arrigoni's wood—mostly oak, ash, larch, and elm—comes from old-growth Western European forests that are sustainably managed; the company's engineered wood (which has the look and feel of real wood) features a trio of layered engineered planks, with a middle layer of transversely laid vertical grain spruce, providing a solid core. This makes the wood firmer and translates to 80 percent less warping than traditional wood. For information, contact Arrigoni Woods.

Above: A Belgian restaurant interior featuring an Arrigoni engineered floor in gray with an oil finish.

Above: Arrigoni spruce flooring.

Above: Arrigoni exterior siding.