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The New Mod: Wallpaper from Kismet Tile

March 10, 2015 11:00 AM

BY Margot Guralnick

Kismet Tiles’s retro glam patterns have been cropping up in kitchens, restaurants, and swimming pools all over of late (see LA’s New Hotel Covell and today’s Steal This Look). Now, Kismet’s owner/designer Tracey Reinberg is branching out into wallpaper. 

Reinberg began by adapting favorite Moroccan tile patterns to paper, and has since delved into her vast textile archive–she formerly designed upholstery patterns for Knoll and Maharam, among others–to come up with her signature new mod look.

Above: Kismet’s Nodo wallpaper in slate on a silver ground.

Above: Nodo in white on a gold ground. Kismet is based in LA, and the wallpaper is currently produced digitally on metal foils. Reinberg will soon be introducing traditionally screen-printed papers, too. Prices available on request.

Above: Pavone (which means “peacock” in Italian) also comes in a smaller variation called Pavone Vine.

Above: The Bettye pattern, shown here in orange and silver, is named for Reinberg’s Polish grandmother “because it has a Mittel-European feel.” The metal grounds “lend a subtle luster and luminosity to the surface,” says Reinberg.

Above: Oskar is modeled after Reinberg’s first cement tile pattern, Jazz. See more in our post Moroccan Tiles from Kismet.

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