ISSUE 80  |  The Summer Bedroom

The Sea, the Sea: Textiles for the Summer Bedroom

July 10, 2013 1:00 PM

BY Christine Chang Hanway

The beach comes to the bedroom via delicate seaweed-patterned linen fabric from Oxford-based design studio Natural History. Inspired by the antique collection and classification of exotic specimens from around the world, Natural History has just launched its new textiles label, Tradescant & Son, and we are captivated by the Ceramium Collection.

Above: A close-up of Ceramium. 

Above: The Ceramium Collection is drawn from Henry Bradbury’s nature-printed seaweeds, created in 1859; £105 per meter. 

Above: A closeup of Ceramium Stripe. 

Above: Ceramium Stripe has an overall vertical effect; £105 per meter. 

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