Vintage-Style Brights by Melissa Bombardiere by

Issue 22 · Australia and Beyond · May 29, 2012

Vintage-Style Brights by Melissa Bombardiere

Issue 22 · Australia and Beyond · May 29, 2012

When Sydney-native Melissa Bombardeire isn't working her day job as a graphic designer, renovating her home, or raising her two adorable girls, she spends her free time designing custom fabrics.

Inspired by retro Scandinavian prints vintage textiles, Melissa's bold graphics are reminiscent of the vintage textiles she loves so well; each lively design is hand printed by Melissa onto a linen/cotton blend.

Meilssa Bambardiere's owl fabric

Above: Melissa Bombardiere's owl pattern is available in four colors: burnt orange, turquoise, gray, and royal blue; $32 per half meter, $57 per meter.

Meilssa Bambardiere's owl in burnt orange

Above: Whooo's watching you? Melissa's fabrics as wall covering add a touch of whimsy.

Meilssa Bambardiere's belbirds

Above: Belbird's are also available in myriad hues.

Meilssa Bambardiere's belbird curtains

Above: Melissa's bold graphics are perfect for the nursery. Melissa fashioned curtains for her daughter, Lola's, room using gray belbirds.

Meilssa Bambardiere's lilies

Above: Lilies in plum and royal blue sit next to an adorable bunny made from Melissa's pink pollen design.

Alice Apple dachshund Melissa's Bombardiere's pollen design

Above: An Alice Apple dachshund sports Melissa's yellow pollen fabric.

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