ISSUE 13  |  Rite of Spring

Versatile Ceramics from Fleet Objects

March 30, 2012 7:30 PM

BY Izabella Simmons

The works of Vancouver ceramist Zoe Garred are my latest fascination: I first came across her Mariner lamp—something I've never seen before, a porcelain fishing float—and then I learned about her other work.

Garred used to work at Molo Design, a firm known for its creative products; today, at her own design studio, Fleet Objects, she concentrates on multifunctional ceramics. "I love seeing how people integrate my pieces into their homes, because everyone imagines a different function," she says. "A teacup to some is a pencil holder to others."

Above: Pools 2 Vase Set (shown on the left) has a lid with holes; $57.

Above: Pools 1 Vase Set can be used as a vase, but also as a pencil holder, cup, or toothbrush holder; $44.

Above: Garred's Mariner Lamp is cast in porcelain from fishing floats; $160.

Above: Inspired by the Pacific Ocean, the Pools Collection starts at $18 for a small bowl and comes in a variety of colors and glazes. The cups and bowls come with matching lids (sold separately).

Above: Pools Round; set of 4 for $40.