ISSUE 46  |  Harvest

Urban Rusticity in NYC: August Restaurant

November 13, 2012 4:30 PM

BY Julie Carlson

An oasis of urban rusticity in the heart of Greenwich Village, grapevine-draped dining patio included.

Much of the charm within is due to details like distressed plaster walls, unadorned wood tables, glass wine jug lighting, and a general feeling of been-there-foreverness. For information go to August.

Photos by Nicole Franzen.

Above: A rough-hewn wood sign hints at the rusticity within.

Above: The outdoor patio has a greenhouse feel, with distressed plaster walls and cobblestone flooring.

Above: Lights are entwined in the overhanging vines.

Above: Prouve-style chairs add a midcentury note to the rustic surroundings.

Above: A simple table setting.

Above: Antiqued mirrors, a wood bar, and Original BTC sconces create a classic backdrop in the dining room.

Above: The cheerful exterior, complete with window box.