ISSUE 35  |  The Last Gasp of Summer

Urban Renewal: Laurel Hardware in Los Angeles

August 28, 2012 8:30 PM

BY Julie Carlson

A former hardware store in LA is transformed into a low-key, high-style dining venue.

Sam Marshall, a member of the design team behind Gjelina, was responsible for the industrial-glamorous interior (we especially like the wallpapered ceiling). "We want to make it a neighborhood restaurant and keep that history going," according to manager John Rankin. For more information, go to Laurel Hardware.

Above: Vines in planter boxes inch up the interior walls.

Above: The floor is made from boards salvaged from Coney Island.

Above: Communal seating inspires conviviality.

Above: A long leather banquette overlooks the patio area.

Above: Olive trees provide shade in the outdoor dining area.