Going Green on Gardenista: Top 5 Trending Posts This Week by

Issue 98 · Under the Covers · November 15, 2013

Going Green on Gardenista: Top 5 Trending Posts This Week

Issue 98 · Under the Covers · November 15, 2013

This past week, Gardenista's issue theme was "Love Letter to the Houseplant." Erin and Michelle explored the history of indoor greenery, sussed out the best exterior green paints, visited a greenhouse restaurant in England, and discovered the new "it" plant (hint: it's not the fiddle head fig).

Best Exterior Outdoor Paint Colors in Green on Gardenista

Above: See the nine exterior green paints that made the cut when Meredith surveyed our Architect and Designer Directory in Architects Pick the Best Exterior Green Paints.

How To Get Fid of Fungus Gnats on Gardenista

Above: Some of us at Remodelista, when faced with gardening obstacles (read: vermin and insects), tend to give up entirely. Which is why we have Erin Boyle to help us out; see her tips on Getting Rid of Fungus Gnats. And curious what the next "It" houseplant is? See Erin's pick here.

Apple Flip Ethicureans Remodelista

Above: Apple Flip cocktail anyone? Kendra explored the offerings in the Ethicurean Cookbook, new from the team behind the Ethicurean restaurant in Somerset, England.

Miniature Olive Tree Gardenista

Above: "I hate houseplants. I mean, really hate them," Meredith writes in Houseplants for a Hater. So how did she learn to love houseplants?

Houseplants That Changed History on Gardenista

Above: Amanda explored the evolution of indoor greenery in 5 Houseplants That Changed History.  

A Woven Hanging Planter on Gardenista | Remodelista

Above: See the Woven Hanging Pot that made Julie rethink living with a hanging plant.

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