Trending on Gardenista: A Winning Swimming Pool and More by

Issue 33 · Summer Cottage · August 22, 2014

Trending on Gardenista: A Winning Swimming Pool and More

Issue 33 · Summer Cottage · August 22, 2014

Like us, the Gardenista editors have been celebrating the Considered Design Award winners all week—while also hiding out in idyllic summery settings. Let's join them.

Steven Harris Architects Napa Pool Considered Design Awards | Gardenista

Above: The winner of the Gardenista Considered Design Awards Best Hardscape Project is Steven Harris Architects of New York City for this panoramic pool in the Napa Valley. Guest judge Neisha Crosland said she loves "the way the pool cuts through the natural landscape like a sneaky alligator."

Heath Neutra House Numbers | Remodelista

Above: "Everyone has a front door. No matter where you live, the elements you see when you approach your entryway should make you feel happy you're home," Michelle writes. See her 10 Easy Pieces: Tile House Numbers for these and other winning examples. Photograph via Alabama Chanin.

New Eco Landscapes Brooklyn Garden | Gardenista

Above: A concrete wasteland transformed. In Garden Designer Visit, Barbara tours a High-Line-Style, Low Maintenance Brooklyn Backyard. The astonishing news: It took only a month for New Eco Landscapes to enact the total makeover.

Field Guide to Dahlias | Gardenista

Above: "They compete to wear the loudest clothes in colors that range from spray-tan orange to bubble-gum pink. And they always travel in a pack." Learn all about these showstoppers in Field Guide: Dahlias.

Rick Joy Woodstock Shingle Roof House | Gardenista

Above: Wood shingles have an undeniable allure. But applying them to roofs isn't without complications. In Hardscaping 101: Wood Shake and Shingle Roofs, Janet delves into the pros and cons—and presents some very pretty pictures.

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