Trending on Gardenista: Tough Perennials and Other Success Stories by

Issue 29 · Urban Escape · July 25, 2014

Trending on Gardenista: Tough Perennials and Other Success Stories

Issue 29 · Urban Escape · July 25, 2014

Urban gardeners, get growing. This week, Gardenista presents far more than trees sprouting in city settings.

Julie Farris Brooklyn roof garden | Gardenista

Above: Sophia explores Julie Farris's low-maintenance rooftop in Cobble Hill, and presents tips for creating a metropolitan meadow in Garden Designer Visit.

Growing a kids' garden with Christine Chitnis | Gardenista

Above: In Garden Visit, blogger Christine Chitnis of Providence, Rhode Island, details how to grow a kid-friendly urban vegetable garden—chickens (and end-of-the-day chicken wrangling) included.

Steal This Look | Gardenista

Above: Michele presents a black and white trellis garden that can be built from recycled pallets—see how in Steal This Look.

DIY mosquito remedies |  Gardenista

Above: A peppermint poultice is one of Erin's seven DIY remedies for taking the itch out of mosquito bites. Who knew? Tea bags also work.

Antwerp garden designers Bart Haverkamp and Pieter Croes | Gardenista

Above: In Radical Urban Gardens from Antwerp, Michelle introduces us to a pair of garden designers who specialize in delivering trees to apartments by crane and other whatever-it-takes green tactics.

Tough perennials for urban gardens | Gardenista

Above: Perennials that thrive just about anywhere, including the hellstrip—"the problem area between your sidewalk and the street"—are the subject of Justine's 10 Easy Pieces. Shown here, fragrant Gray Santolina or Lavender Cotton. We plan to commit the list to memory.

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