ISSUE 27  |  Summer Rentals

Trending on Gardenista: Porches, Tents, and Teepees

July 11, 2014 3:00 PM

BY Margot Guralnick

Michelle and crew have moved outside for the summer–”We’re ready to sleep anywhere there’s a breeze,” she says. Take a look at the decks, sandy-floored rooms, and other indoor/outdoor living options they’ve turned up this week.

Above: Jeanne leads us to a small beach hotel in Portugal, an hour south of Lisbon, designed for luxuriating in the sand. Go to Outbuilding of the Week for the tour.

Above: You can take teak anywhere; it’s weather-resistant and sometimes it’s even a bargain. See High/Low: 5 Teak Garden Classics (the folding stool is by Dansk tableware designer Jens Quistgaard).

Above: Shutters needn’t be just decorative; they can provide insulation in cold weather and ventilation in warm, which explains why they’re making a comeback. Find answers to all your shutter questions in Janet’s Hardscaping 101: Exterior Wooden Shutters.

Above: Take a trip to The Hedges in the Adirondacks with Michelle to hear the most entertaining travel chronicle of the summer so far (plus the story behind the ring toss contest).

Above: We’re happy to stay home–as long as we can stare at this week’s Gardenista Roundup: 8 Nap-Worthy Summer Bunkhouses. And for summer indoor and outdoor campouts, see 10 Easy Pieces: Canvas Teepee Tents.

Above: In Garden Visit: The Hobbit Land Next Door, Michelle presents the view right over her own fence. This is her neighbor Linda’s plant hospital.

Above: Caught sight of something flickering dangerously close to your closet? Go immediately to Erin’s DIY: Modern Mothballs (No Chemicals Included).