Trending on Gardenista: Chasing Fireflies by

Issue 34 · Summer Wrap-Up · August 29, 2014

Trending on Gardenista: Chasing Fireflies

Issue 34 · Summer Wrap-Up · August 29, 2014

Wondering how to extend summer? Allow the Gardenista team to fill you in.

Steal This Look | Gardenista

Above: When the nights turns nippy, there's no need to retreat indoors—just add some sheepskin to your dining setup. Learn how re-create this ensemble, DIY tables included, in Steal This Look: Scandinavian Outdoor Dining Space.
Plum shrub | Gardenista

Above: A Colonial favorite—and an ideal way to make use of ripe fruit—thirst-quenching, vinegar-based drinks known as shrubs. Ten sweet-and-sour versions await in Erin's Recipe Roundup.

Vita's Cottage at Sissinghurst | Gardenista

Above: The perfect place to take in the end of the season? Writer Vita Sackville-West's Sunset Garden—full of lurid hues and no whites—at Sissinghurst, in Kent, England. Writes Kendra in this week's Garden Visit, "Vita and her husband, Harold Nicolson, liked to keep pots around the area where they sat for scent and movable color. Lemon verbena was a particular favorite, to be crushed between the fingers while reading."

Zucchini by Laura Silverman | Gardenista

Above: Faced with a mountain of zucchini? Gardenista's newest contributor, Laura Silverman of Glutton for Life, is in the midst of harvesting her own crop, shown here. She photographs and details how to make Garden-to-Table Zucchini Carpaccio and other "squash solutions."

Michael Vergason garden design Little Compton RI | Gardenista

Above: This week's Landscape Architect Visit—historic Goosewing Farm in Little Compton, Rhode Island—incorporates ocean views, two ponds, and an old barn bigger than a house.

Beach glass art by Justine Hand | Gardenista

Above: Most of us bring home beach finds only to discover that they don't translate in regular room settings. A better approach: Follow Justine's lead and distill the feel of summer into a series of DIY Vacation Portraits.

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