ISSUE 30  |  Summer in the City

The Cult of the Urban Bike

July 26, 2012 1:30 PM

BY Sarah Lonsdale

Brits have been on a bit of a bike bender for a while now. Lycra-clad Bradley Wiggins want-to-bes aside, the city's capital now boasts numerous custom bike shops, not to mention bike rental docking stations across town, care of Barclays Cycle Hire—and plenty of riders swerving precariously through traffic to boot.

Bike lovers can now add Tokyobike to their list. Located in heavily happening Shoreditch (the original Tokyobike is in Japan's capital), the company offers colorful bikes with smaller wheels and slimmer frames, which makes urban navigation easier. The store already has outposts in Sydney, Singapore and Berlin. Rumor has it that the US is next.

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Above: A Diamond Jubilee Tokyobike in the store window.

Above: The lightweight bikes come in a refreshing selection of colors (see more at Tokyobike). We especially like the white tires

Above: Joe Nunn and Markus Bergstrom of Glass Hill oversaw the interior design; photograph via Cool Hunting.

Above: Wooden display stools and a bench by Glass Hill.

Above: Tokyobike has rounded up an extensive collection of bike accessories, including baskets and panniers.

Above: The Japanese retro-looking Universal Bell made of brass and polished chrome.

Above: Bike accessories including Tembea bags. Tokyobike's workshop is housed in the basement.

Above: The Shoreditch shop exterior. Above two photographs via Cool Hunting.