ISSUE 3  |  Efficient Entryways

Tile & Countertop: D Tiles in the Netherlands

January 20, 2011 7:30 PM

BY Julie Carlson

Designers Peter van der Jagt, ErikJan Kwakkel, and Arnout Visser designed a three-dimensional tiling system for Droog; ("We love the grid created by tiles," they say. "We love tiles so much that we do not want to interrupt that grid for any reason."). For a list of dealers in Europe, go to DTile.

Above: D Tiles wrap around the contours of the sink in a bathroom for designer Ed Hinke.

Above L: A tiled niche under the sink provides storage space. Above R: In the shower, block tiles serve as storage shelves for soap and shampoo.

Above: A tiled with tiled sink and counter.

Above: A detail of the sink.