ISSUE 74  |  The Kids Are All Right

Three Brothers in Spain Reinvent the Nursery

May 29, 2013 4:30 PM

BY Julie Carlson

Reason enough to start a family: a new line of handmade furniture for the progressive nursery from three brothers who have raised ten children among them.

The company–called XO in My Room–is a collaborative effort; the eldest brother is a professional photographer and a furniture designer, the middle brother is in charge of logistics, and the youngest brother is the craftsman. Their mission? To create well-designed children’s furniture made with quality materials and creative finishings. To see more, go to XO in My Room.


Above: The Jan Table in black and white is €650.

Above: The Theo Crib is €580.

Above: Olivia Dresser; €650.

Above: Jana Canopy Bed; €650.

Above: The Irene Writing Desk is €580.

The post is an update; the original ran on August 12, 2012.