ISSUE 4  |  The Rustic Life

The Yellow Building in SF by Sagan Piechota Architecture

January 28, 2012 12:30 AM

BY Lydia Lee

Is the Yellow Building SF's version of Merci in Paris? We think so: this newish one-stop concept shop brings together a restaurant, a wine boutique, and the city's most compelling clothier—all under one roof.

Located in a rambling barn that dates back to 1859, the space encompasses Piccino, a low-key trattoria; MAC, the second outpost of SF's visionary clothing shop for both women and men; DIG, an "old-school merchant de vin"; and a plein-air coffee shop—all enterprises devoted to sustainability and supporting local producers. The renovation was orchestrated by Loring Sagan of Sagan Piechota, who was focused on retaining the rustic feel of the interiors while achieving a sense of transparency among the different spaces.

Photography by Janet Hall for Remodelista (except where noted).


Above: The day's menu, displayed on a vintage clothes hanger.

Above: Daniel Piechota's design for Piccino's interior. The restaurant's mission? Serving locally grown food in a neighborhood atmosphere. Photograph by Sharon Risedorph.

Above: "The most interesting design element is the window that visually connects the restaurant with MAC next door, encouraging patrons of each to check out the adjoining space," Sagan says. Visible through the window: MAC owners Chris and Ben Ospital. Photograph by Lydia Lee.

MAC—Modern Appealing Clothing

Above: MAC's loft-like clothing shop; housewares are located on the lower level.

Above L: Lighting by SF-based Tauro Leather (the small lamp is $298); the ceramic sculptures are by Sherry Olsen and cost from $120 to $224. Above R: A mug from Heath Ceramics ($29) and a striped wool blanket ($695).

Above: A vintage mantel displays skin-care products from Noe Valley–based Heliotrope (the mirror reflects an array of salts, spices, and herbs from SF's Boulette's Larder).

Above: Flavor-infused salts on offer from SF's Boulette's Larder.

DIG Wine Shop

Above: An Ingo Maurer chandelier offers a place for customers to add their own wine notations in the interior of Dig.