It's hard to create a fresh take on something so ubiquitous as a teapot, but Swedish designer Gustav Kristensson achieves the feat.

The award-winning industrial designer founded his tableware company Vardagsbruk in 2009, inspired by the pottery his grandmother owned when he was growing up. His Halv Atta line ('half eight' in English) has echoes of the fifties but is rendered in a refreshingly modern way. The line is available from the Scandinavian Design Center.

Halv Atta Tea Pot

Above: Halv Atta Tea Pot; $79.27.

Halv Atta Tea Cup

Above: Halv Atta Tea Cup: $18.20.

Halv Atta Milk Jug

Above: Halv Atta Milk Jug; $34.08.

Halv Atta Bowl & Plate

Above: Halv Atta Bowl $16.98.11 (L) Halv Atta Plates: Halv Atta Plate; $16.98 (R).

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