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The Simple Life

June 15, 2007 3:44 AM

BY Sarah Lonsdale

Call it midcentury fatigue. How else to explain my recent penchant for all things Gustavian? Admittedly, it’s still simple Swedish design, but it’s 18th-century roccoco reduced to something more lean and restrained. I particularly love simple wood pieces with an austere layer of pale gray paint.

L.A.’s Chloe Decor offers a wide selection of Scandinavian furniture and antiques, such as this Gustavian original painted sofa; $12,000

Swedish gate-leg table; $4,900

A gate-leg table of more recent vintage; $3,900 at

Julia Foster Decorative Antiques in London specializes in the Gustavian period; view her wares at

In San Francisco, the Swedish Room is a charm-filled trove of wares brought back to the states by Scandi owner Suzanna Harden; go to

For a contemporary take on the period, Danish company Oliver Furniture does a bang-up job; go to

The Swedish Chair in the UK does some nice reproduction pieces as well; go to