ISSUE 47  |  Dining and Entertaining

The Quiet Storm: Organic Ceramics from Japan

November 19, 2012 2:30 PM

BY Justine Hand

Once again the chaps at OEN shop have introduced us to a rare talent from afar: this time, it's the serene ceramics of Misa Kumabuchi that have caught our eye.

Mushimegane Books is a collection of porcelain and ceramic ware, produced by Misa from her studio in Nishinomiya, Japan. Based on people and sounds—the rhythm and encounters of everyday life—Misa's pieces have a quiet, intimate quality that nonetheless begs your attention. All are hand-formed and finished; their organic shapes and tactile surfaces designed to be touched.

Above: Produced mostly for local shops and exhibits in Japan, Mushimegane Books ceramics are also available online through OEN shop in the UK.

Above: An amoeba-like Pyocaton in White Sand is available at Oen Shop in small or medium: $71 to $87.

Above: Mushimegane Books' medium bowl with leg features layers of "pealing" green glaze; $118.

Above: More delicate than the green bowls, a white Otsukimi Moon Viewing Bowl refers to a Japanese festival honoring the autumn moon; $103.

Above: Another luminous Otsukimi bowl, sans stem; $103.

N.B.: For more inspired vessels, shop 181 Ceramics in our Tabletop section.