ISSUE 69  |  Clean Sweep

My Secret Fantasy: Warning, It Involves a Laundry Room Workhorse

April 25, 2013 11:30 AM

BY Michelle Slatalla

If I did not have a job, I would spend at least eight hours a day ironing (and spraying liberal amounts of starch). I would smooth out all my problems–and possibly even my finances–as I patiently removed wrinkles from linen napkins and tablecloths and pillowcases and all my blouses with complicated collars.

The only thing better (we are still in the fantasy) would be a gigantic iron, one that wouldn’t require eight hours of my time: a big superhero mangle through which I could feed yards and yards of bed sheets. A new best friend, let’s say, who would have a foot pedal to allow me to guide linens through a top roller. Oh, and a heating plate. Also, I would like to be able to fold my mangle and put it away when I am not using it. Is this too much to ask?

Enter the Miele Rotary Iron.

Above: Made in Germany and weighing 84 pounds, the  Miele Rotary Iron is capable of pressing a large tablecloth in under four minutes; $1,999.95 from Williams-Sonoma.

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