ISSUE 31  |  Cabins & Camping

The Best First Aid Kit Ever?

July 31, 2012 5:30 PM

BY Alexa Hotz

Known for their axes handmade in the Appalachian mountains, Best Made Co. has designed an all-purpose first aid kit specifically for lumberjacks.

The kit is packed with 43 life-saving necessities in a dust and moisture-resistant metal case. OSHA certified and approved by the US Forest Service, it's made in Kansas City, Missouri, for Best Made Co. And for those less prone to accidents, the Small First Aid Kit features just the essentials in a red steel case for $45.

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Above: The First Aid Kit is $89 from Best Made Co.

Above: The essentials are well organized in clearly marked, individual packages.

Above: The kit contains: certi-strips, certi-gauze pads, certi-gauze rolls, triangular bandage with pins, wire splint, adhesive certi-tape, antiseptic BZK towlette, silver mylar rescue blanket, CPRotector mouth barrier, elastic bandage forceps, nitrile gloves, bandage scissors, trauma pads, and a first-aid wall chart.

Above: The metal case features a hinged wall bracket that allows for hanging indoors and bringing outdoors when needed.